The Surface Water Quality Management fee covers the costs for improving, maintaining, and operating the city's storm water system. For more information on these fees, contact Public Works at (952) 474-3464.

The rates for parcels of land are determined by multiplying the Residential Equivalent Factor (REF) for a parcel's land use by the parcel's acreage, and then multiplying the resulting product by the storm water drainage rate. The REF values for various land uses and 2019 rates are as follows:

Land Uses
Business per Warehousing per Industrial2.4
Public per Institutional1.5
High-Density Residential1.7
Low-Density Residential0.25
Medium-Density Residential1.1

Thus, the 2019 rates are:

Residential Equivalent Factor (REF)$172.80 per quarter
Low-Density Residential$43.20 per quarter
Port of Excelsior$8.48 per seating capacity