Water Treatment

Excelsior Water Treatment

The City of Excelsior has a water treatment plant. The treatment plant is designed to soften the water and remove iron and manganese by gravity filtration. Specialized media remove the minerals by grabbing on to the minerals as water passes through the sand filters. An additional benefit of the process is that other naturally occurring constituents also are removed during the filtration cycle. The connected wells pump directly to the treatment plant for filtration and chemical injection before being pumped into the distribution system.

Chlorine (for disinfection) and fluoride (for dental protection) are still used in the finished product which goes to households and businesses. With the removal of the iron and manganese and the softening of the water, household appliances such as dishwashers, water softeners, and water heaters should have a greater life expectancy.

For more information on our water treatment facility and methods, contact Public Works at (952) 474-3464.