Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food Vehicle License

To operate a Mobile Food Vehicle in the City of Excelsior, you must obtain a Mobile Food Vehicle License. Mobile Food Vehicles are only allowed to park on private property, as part of a City festival or civic event that is licensed or sanctioned by the City Council, or on the street in the R1 and R2 zoning districts, with a Street Use Permit.

 All Mobile Food Vehicles must meet the following requirements to obtain a license:

  1. Complete the Mobile Food Vehicle License Application.
  2.  Provide a photo of the Mobile Food Vehicle, a valid copy of state or local health department license, proof of Liability Insurance.
  3. City Street Use Permit application (required for requests to locate on the street in residential areas)
  4. Application fee payment: $175 (includes fee for Fire District inspection) 
  5. Contact Excelsior Fire District -  Andy Hein at, 952-960-1671 for required inspection. The inspection must be completed 15 days prior to the event. 

Upon approval by the City and Excelsior Fire District, a city license will be issued which will be valid for the calendar year. The Fire District will issue an inspection sticker.

The Annual license and inspection sticker must be prominently displayed on the vehicle.

Questions? Call Excelsior City Hall 952-474-5233